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T1-E1 ISDN PRI Converter

P/N : CONV-2T1E1

Price: $2400.00 + S&H

T1-E1 Converter allows any device with T1 ISDN PRI interface to be connected to service provider or PBX with E1 ISDN PRI interface and vice versa.

This unit allows any device with E1 ISDN PRI interface to be connected to service provider or PBX with T1 ISDN PRI interface and vice versa. 

T1-E1 Converter changes Q.931 signaling on a fly and converts a-law to m-law when needed.
It can be configured to accept clock from any side T1 or E1 and pass clock to attached device on either side. Support all standard framing and linecode modes for T1 and E1 lines.

Converter is equipped with smart RJ45 jacks that does not require cross-over cables in some T1 or E1 installations.

Converter comes with a Windows based management software and provide live Q.931 traces for debugging and can be used as a powerful Q.931 packet analyzer.

PRI Switch Types
National ISDN (primary-ni)
5ESS (primary-5ess)
DMS-100 (primary-dms100)
NET5 (primary-net5)
Q.SIG (primary-qsig)


E1: CRC4, no-CRC4

Number of Ports
2 PRI (T1/E1/PRI) Ports

Interface type
PRI: RJ-45 8-pin modular connector

Special Features
Q.921/Q.931 traffic analyzer
Configurable Tx/Rx delays for T1/E1/PRI ports

Management Interface
Serial COM Port - DB9

Supplementary Services
DNIS, ANI support
Caller ID

Operating Environment
Windows 2000/XP
Note: PC only required for setup of required configuration

Dimensions: 5"L X 6"W X 2"H

( 12.7cm X 15.24cm X 5.08cm )

Weight: 1 lb ( 500g )

Power Requirement: 110V/220V

Storage: -40° to +40°C
Operating: 0° to 40°C
Humidity: Max 85%

Power Supply

Power Supply:
Type: Wall mount, external
Input: 220V, 110V (US, Canada)
Output: 9V AC, 600mA
2.5 mm jack
UL Certified



No Usermanual found

Virtual Console warrants the product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year.

Llimited Warranty

Question:            Does this unit converts from a-law to u-law?

Answer:              Yes. From a-law to u-law and from u-law to a-law

Question:            Does this unit convert from PRI to CAS?

Answer:              No. Only from E1-PRI to T1-PRI

Question:            Can this unit display live Q.931 trace info?

Answer:              Yes. Unit comes with "ISDN Manager" software which displays Q.931 information 
                          for all the calls.



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