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USB and Flash Drive Duplication - When Size Matters

Memory size marked on the USB or SD cards by the manufacturer is not always precise. After a closer inspection, a card marked as 16 GB for example may offer only 15.9 GB of storage space. There are alsocases when the card will offer more memory than it is stated by the manufacturer. The difference between the actual and labeled memory size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Such variations\between the actual and marked storage is due to manufacturing quality. Interestingly, for most end users, this variance is not an issue. In fact, it has very little impact on using the USB or other flash drives for storage of the information. Problems arise when users attempt to duplicate USB or Flash drives..more

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Is it worth it to duplicate with USB 3.0 target drives?

Firms that duplicate USB drives (with products like Virtual Console's 21 (FCD-USB-21) 42 (FCD-USB-42) and 60 (FCD-USB-60) port USB Flash Drive Duplicators) have likely been asking themselves this question for a while: is it worth it to use USB 3.0 target drives? In theory, it ought to be a “no brainer.” USB 2.0 has a max theoretical transfer rate of 60 MB/s, compared to 3.0's 625 MB/s. Faster is always better, right? Especially when we consider that the effective throughput for a USB 2.0 flash drive maxes out at +/- 35 MB/s. As it turns out, two key facts might convince you that arguments against moving to USB 3.0 target drives outweigh the arguments for moving to USB 3.0. Now, if you are a person who believes you ought to be running the latest version of everything all the time, the arguments against the practicality of duplicating to USB 3.0 target drives might not matter. Everyone else might want to read on...more

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Choosing SD cards for optimal duplicating efficiency

Selecting both target and master SD cards for your duplication operations involves many important factors, including price, storage capacity, and end use. An understanding of SD card read/write speeds, SD card labeling, and duplicator erformance can help you make the right choice to optimize your duplication operations. Virtual Console duplicators Let's start with understanding the capabilities of the duplicators. Virtual Console ( makes 21 port (FCD-SD-21), 42 port (FCD-SD-42), 60 port (FCD-SD- 60), and 120 port (FCD-SD-120-GEN2) duplicators. Virtual Console duplicator speeds the 21, 42, and 60 port duplicators provide write speeds up to 7 MB/s, while the 120 port duplicator can write at up to 23 MB/s.  In order to make the most efficient use of Virtual Console duplicators, you will want to ensure that your master card has a read speed of at least 7 or 23 (for the FCD-SD-120-GEN2) MB/s, and your target cards have at least write speeds of 7 or 23 MB/s...more

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Optimizing Duplication Times for Partially-filled USB Drives

One benefit of Virtual Console ( USB duplicators is greatly enhanced duplication times through the ability to customize the duplication process to the amount of data actually being duplicated. For example, if a user has 8GB master and target drives, but only needs to duplicate 1GB of data, the duplicators can be configured to duplicate only 1GB, rather than a full 8GB duplication...more

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Software-based USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duplicator: The Affordable Solution

Size, compatibility, and convenience are three appealing features of a flash drive that make it an obvious choice for temporary data storage solutions. Regardless of your age, the job you hold, or your gender, everyone needs a flash drive to carry personal or business data. Especially for businesses, a flash drive (also known as a thumb drive) serves as an ultimate marketing tool. Be it new product information, sales presentation or marketing collateral, thumb drives are a great tool to effectively present your business to your clients...more

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Verification Recovery in USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duplicators from Virtual Console.  A New Feature for Improving Duplication Efficiency for Large Size Flash Drives

USB duplicators are quickly gaining prominence in business circles. They serve an important function as they simultaneously duplicate flash drive content onto multiple flash drives. For both personal use and business use, you would regularly need to duplicate flash drives. To perform this task, you can use either a standalone hardware USB duplicator or a PC-based duplicator.

This article focuses on a new feature called “Verification Recovery” that Virtual Console has recently introduced for its USB 3.0 duplicators product line...more

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Virtual Console sets another industry record with its new high speed 60 Port CF Duplicator

Oceanside, NY, May 7, 2014 -Virtual Console, LLC announces the introduction of a hardware-based, easy-to-use Compact Flash (CF) card duplicator for business use.  This newly-introduced unit is the only sixty-port CF flash card duplicator on the market. It is suitable for different industries such as: entertainment, gaming, in-flight entertainment, and election/vote conducting organizations.  VConsole’s CF card duplicator is capable of performing rapid duplication and supports (the) latest UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) CF cards...more

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High Speed Duplication Solution for a Service Company

Virtual Console Offers SD Duplicators for Efficient Updates of In-flight Entertainment Centers.  Airline companies are improving in-flight entertainment to differentiate their services from other airlines companies, to gain a competitive advantage, and to attract new and repeat fliers/passengers. For example, airline companies now offer new and varied in-flight entertainment every week including: movies, videos, and audios to suit the tastes of every client whom they fly to different destinations. An airline company usually engages a service company to update the aircrafts’ entertainment centers when the aircrafts are at the airports (between flights). In order to do this, these service companies reprogram the SD cards–with the new content–of the entertainment centers in a very short time...more

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Virtual Console Introduces New Small-Office Equipment Product Line

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Virtual Console, LLC, a global provider of telecommunication and testing products, expands its line of small-office equipment by introducing ISDN PRI Call Recording Appliance and Four Analog Line Appointment Reminder. Call Recorder is capable of capturing all inbound and outbound calls and forwarding them to a centralized Call Recording Storage Server for archiving. Appointment Reminder can make calls to a predefined list of phone numbers at specific times and play custom announcements regarding upcoming appointments or events... more

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Virtual Console, LLC Introduces a Powerful PRI Bulk Call Generator

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PRI Bulk Call Generator product line offers two, four or eight PRI port models that can be software configured for T1 or E1 operation. PRI Bulk Call Generator is capable of generating up to 80,000 calls per hour with 24 (T1) or 32 (E1) concurrent calls on each PRI port...more

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Virtual Console Introduces Fastest USB Duplicator on the Market

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Virtual Console, LLC, a global provider of products for communications and media companies, unveils the latest addition to its flash memory duplicator product line by introducing the 60-port USB duplicator. The USB duplicator, which is the fastest product currently available on the market, offers 7MB/sec write speed on each of its 60 ports, simultaneously resulting in a 420MB per second total duplication throughput...more

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VConsole Announces Next Generation USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duplicators to Enhance Duplication Efficiency

NEW YORK, NY, April 07, 2014 - Virtual Console, LLC, the leading manufacturer of flash media duplicators for USB, SD, and CF cards, announces the introduction of a hardware-based, easy-to-use, USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duplicator for business use. This newly-introduced unit is the only eighty-port USB 3.0 Duplicator on the market. Its introduction has solidified Virtual Console’s position as a market leader. These USB 3.0 duplicators are capable of duplicating flash drive content simultaneously onto multiple flash drives and are suitable for different industries such as entertainment, gaming, in-flight entertainment, and election/vote conducting organizations...more

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