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Fiber Optic Network Simulators

P/N : SIM-2FON-25

Price: $1.00 + S&H

Vconsole fiber optic network simulator is custom built portable unit intended to simulate installed fiber optic facilities. Vconsole will design and build custom unit exactly to customers specification. The enclosure is capable of housing an individual spool with up to 100km of fiber. We will build each unit to client unique needs with custom fiber types, lengths, and connectors. A full range of connectors are available including SC, ST, FC, and LC types.

This product is ideal for latency testing, product development and training and educational needs.

Dimensions: 10"L X 10"W X 10"H

( 25.4cm X 25.4cm X 25.4cm )

Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg )

Storage: -5° to +40°C
Operating: 0° to +40°C
Humidity: Max 85%

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There are several ways to purchase this product: 
1. You can buy this product online with a credit card.

2. For US based companies please e-mail your Purchase Order to 
or fax it to 718-228-5437.  In some cases we may ask you for credit references.
3. For International companies please e-mail your PO to and we will provide 
you with a payment instructions.  International Purchase Orders require pre-payment via 
Wire Transfer before product can be shipped.

If you wish to receive a formal quote:  Formal Quote

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