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4 Analog Line Appointment Reminder


Price: $1500.00 + S&H

"Appointment Reminder" appliance can make calls to predefined list of phone numbers at specific times and play custom announcements regarding upcoming appointments or events. 

Great for small doctor offices or legal practices. Proven to reduce "no show" appointment rates by 35-50%. 


Unit is able provide customers with a way to confirm or cancel appointment over the phone and generate daily reports for business managers.

This unit is designed to be connected to regular analog phone lines. 

Can call 50 users in 1 hour over each phone line. 4 port model can call 200 users in 1 hour.

Unit can be integrated with your existing Office management software for full automation.

Number of Ports
4 Analog phone Ports

Interface type
FXO: RJ-11 2-pin modular connector

Management Interface
Serial COM Port - DB9

Operating Environment
Windows 2000/XP
Note: PC only required for setup of required configuration

Dimensions: 5"L X 6"W X 2"H

( 12.7cm X 15.24cm X 5.08cm )

Weight: 1 lb ( 500g )

Power Requirement: 110V/220V

Storage: -40° to +40°C
Operating: 0° to 40°C
Humidity: Max 85%

Power Supply

Type: Wall mount, external
Input: 220V, 110V (US, Canada)
Output: 9V AC, 600mA
2.5 mm jack
UL Certified

No Software found
No Usermanual found

Virtual Console warrants the product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year.

Llimited Warranty


There are several ways to purchase this product: 

1. You can buy this product online with a credit card.

2. For US based companies please e-mail your Purchase Order to 
or fax it to 718-228-5437.  In some cases we may ask you for credit references.


3. For International companies please e-mail your PO to and we will provide 
you with a payment instructions.  International Purchase Orders require pre-payment via

Wire Transfer before product can be shipped.

If you wish to receive formal quote:  Formal Quote

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